Associated Otolaryngologists of Pennsylvania is made up of a team of professionals dedicated to providing the best quality healthcare in a responsive and caring environment. Our otolaryngologists are all Board Certified with years of sub-specialty training and experience. They, together with nurses and office staff, work hard to understand your health issues quickly and get you back to your optimal health.

Our Physicians

Dr. John A. FornadleyDr. John A. Fornadley - Sinus, Allergy and General Otolaryngology



Dr. Jon E. Isaacson Dr. Jon E. Isaacson- Otology/Neurotology



Dr. Roger J. Levin Dr. Roger J. Levin - Head and Neck Cancer Surgery and Voice Disorders



Dr. James P. MaloneDr. James P. Malone - Head and Neck Cancer Surgery, Sinus Surgery, Sleep Apnea Surgery, Voice Disorders, and Transoral Robotic Surgery



Dr. Andrew M.Shapiro Dr. Andrew M.Shapiro - Pediatric Otolaryngology 




Dr. Christopher C. French  Dr. Christopher C. French - Rhinology, Nasal Surgery, Sinus Surgery, and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery



Physician Assistants

Kevin Gordon Kevin C. Gordon
Jamie Roberts, PA-C Jamie Roberts, PA-C

Our Audiologists

Sandra Rabin, Audiologist Sandra Rabin, Audiologist
Sara Barron, AudiologistSara Barron, Audiologist
Kathryn McNamara, Audiologist Kathryn McNamara, Audiologist
Cathy Swenson, Audiologist Cathy Swenson, Audiologist
Erica Colt, Audiologist Erica Colt, Audiologist
Lynne Shapiro, Audiology Tech Lynne Shapiro, Audiology Tech

Michelle Tewell, Audiologist Michelle Tewell, Audiologist


Speech Pathology

Jody Burkhart Jody Burkhart


Hershey Office


Camp Hill Office


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Hershey Location

34 Northeast Drive
Hershey, PA 17033

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Camp Hill Location

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Camp Hill, PA 17011
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